Trusted Vendors

The vendors on this list have been used by Roadhouse members.
We find them to be honest and reliable.
Happy Trails Motorcycle Products This is a story told to us by one of our SabMag friends. Basically, Happy Trail had a slight mix up in the pricing of one of their GIVI luggage products. Well, after a bit of discussion with the customer, Happy Trail found out how the mix up happened and corrected it by refunding the customer the difference. All in all just a show of good business, but we all know that doesn't always happen. Great job Happy Trails!!
New Enough Motorcycle Leathers
The name says it all!
Anybody looking for good gear at a good price should check New Enough Motorcycle Leathers ( Besides having excellent prices on NEW gear from manufacturers such as Vanson, Fieldsheer, Teknic, Joe Rocket, HJC, Hein Gericke, Olympia, Alpinestars, Sidi and Prexport, they have a large selection of USED leathers in "excellent" and "like new" condition, at prices for the budget-minded!

I can tell you from personal experience that they are easy to deal with. Customer service is important to them, and WE get the benefit of it. They are a small, family-run organization, so you're always dealing with "the Boss".

Power Sports Pro
Home of the Parts Fish!
Our bikes are made up of an incredible number of tiny parts. Occasionally some of them need to be replaced. Particularly if you have an older model, you know what a challenge it can be to even identify these tiny marvels of the machinist's art. You can SEE it, you know where it goes on the bike, but what the heck is it CALLED? That's where Kurt from steps in! Not only does he have a spectacular seclection of anything your heart could desire for motorcyle enthusiasts, but he's got this great tool called the Parts Fish linked right to the front page of the site. The Parts Fish lets you visually locate OEM parts from diagrams of any Honda or Yamaha ever made, with more makes being added soon. So now not only can you see the parts in an exploded picture, but you can actually drop them right into your shopping basket and Kurt will have them on their way to you that day! It's a great service and they're good people. Roadhouse members even get a discount! Email Merlin for discount details.

Superbike Bill's Repair and Performance
High Performance Tuning, Parts - Tires - Accessories
If you've been following the latest "Wall of Shame" story about how Dave felt rudely abused by Norm Schoeb at Norm's Cycle Center in West Homestead, PA, you might be interested in checking this site out. Superbike Bill is the guy who not only made Dave's Shadow right again, but made her run sweeter than ever! This is the sort of guy we need to be supporting, so if you're in western PA and need some work done, be sure to look him up! We'll see if Merlin can't wrangle some sort of deal for Roadhouse members, but even if not you know full well just how valuable excellent service at a fair price can be.

RTM Motorcycles
Tampa, FL
Long before I bought my Shadow, I had been looking off and on for a good deal on a motorcycle. RTM Motorcycles is just up the street from one of the big local dealerships (where I had been repeatedly UNable to find a good deal...) and they treated me quite well even before I spent any money there. In Auguet of 2000 I was finally able to lay down some cash and Tom steered me right towards a gorgeous '86 VT1100C at a great price. I bought it and have been really happy with it ever since. But I'm even happier with the continuing service I've gotten from Tom and the crew at RTM. There simply isn't a better deal anywhere on Florida's West Coast. So if you're down here and need any parts or to have some work done, look them up. Good wrenches and great prices are a pretty sweet combination. And in the interests of "full disclosure", I'm the guy who does his website.

Accessories International
Your Virtual Motorcycle Boutique
Accessories International carries a wide range  of accessories, including 46 separate categories of Shadow items.   They handle leathers, helmets, chrome and much more.  List members have dealt with them, and found their standard prices to be very good, and now they are offering additional discounts to Roadhouse List Members.   The discount will vary, depending on their markup on the particular item.   Contact Marc for details. (This is to prevent non-listmembers who view this page from taking advantage of our discount by masquerading as members.)


  Best Price Story


When I asked about floorboards here earlier in the week, a list member - aceryder - said to get Cobra boards and no other. I took his advice and learned a lot in the process. At the Cobra website, the boards list for $299. Aceryder said to check prices at Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse at The boards were $233 there. I ordered them via that website with no hitches.

THEN - just a few minutes ago I got delivery of a Nolan N100 helmet that I ordered two weekends ago from a vendor at the Cycle World show in Chicago. I paid $205 for it thru a California place called RKA that makes beautiful soft luggage for bikes. Having just had a money-saving experience with Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse, I called and asked if they sell the same N100 helmet and how much. $185! I'm too lazy to send the one I just got back, but I should. This is no shot at RKA. The luggage they make is fabulous and can't be bought anywhere else. But for stuff that can be found at a number of different vendors, it looks the Warehouse is the current hot place for really good prices. Jerry Galvin

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