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 Bike or Photo Caption
Click MeD. J. Bates Sharp '88 VT800C 07/08
Click MeCyndi (with an 'i')
Click Me
Two VLX pics 05/22
 Click Me Bill from Greece Bill's '82 04/27
Click MeBrewski '86 VT1100 with only 6K miles - wow 09/22
Click MeMarc (not Merlin) Marc's new '02 09/19
Click MeRonnie Who says a Shadow can't be custom? 09/18
Click MeT. T's Shadow 09/16
Click MeGary Gary's Bike 09/12
Click MeTravis Travis' Ride 08/31
Click MeKevan O Check out this '85 08/08
Click MeCindy She got a new bike........yeah! 08/02
Click MeMean Mornin Joe Comfy Ride 08/02
Click MeDaniel C. Daniel's Shadow and NC 07/27  
Click MeRocky Rocky's Shadow 07/22  
Click MeDrJayD The Doc's Silver Shadow 06/16  
Click MeWild Bill Again Bill being Bill 06/12  
Click MeWild Bill Bill's New Toys 06/07  
Click MeUnca Freddy Unca's Donner and Blitzen yes, and 05/08  
Click MeUnca Freddy Unca's Donner and Blitzen and again 05/08  
Click MeUnca Freddy Unca's Donner and Blitzen again 05/08  
Click MeUnca Freddy Unca's Donner and Blitzen 05/08  
Click MeKathy Kathy's 1999 ACE 750 05/01  
Click MeKris and ... ? We and our shadows 04/05  
Click MeAlan Gates Alan Gate's 2001 Sabre project 04/05  
Click MeAnton A. Anton and his 1999 Honda Shadow Ace 02/03  
Click MeCheekyMo Wendy and her 1984 VT 750 Honda Shadow 02/01  
Click MeAl Pratt Al and his '99 Aero 1100 01/31  
Click MeMarilyn S. Marilyn with her Cruiser, and her bike 12/21  
Click MeChuck S. Chuck's new Ride (wait til you see what his wife picked up!) 12/14  
Click MeRachel R. Rachel's favorites 11/28  
Click Me Bill Hoover Bill's newly mounted toolbag 11/28  
Click MeKiwi Pete Kiwi Pete's Shadow 11/26  
Click MeChief The latest additions to Chief's VT750 ACE 11/26  
Click MeNancy Osberg Nancy and "Spice Girl" 11/26  
Click MeJose Luis Chilean VT1100 11/26  
Click MeBuddy Buddy's Florida Aero 11/26  
Click MeRhythm Dave Rhythm Dave's Shadow 11/26  
Click MeFoxee Trip to Victoria Falls 11/26  
Click MeTodd Collins 1983 VT750 - a classic! 11/04  
Click MeDavid Dabro 1997 Shadow Spirit VT1100 11/04  
Click MeBob Morra Here is a shot of "Black Beauty" 1986 VT1100 Shadow 11/04  
Click MeJerrilyn S. Julian Some of her favorite roads in Italy and Spain 11/04  
Click MeMr Bill  Vancouver Toy Run 2004 11/04  
Click MeCletus New addition to his stable 11/04  
Click Me Duane Massey   Duane's kustom VLX!    05/04
Click Me Florida Dan   That's a sweet CANDY TANGERINE 1500!!    05/04
Click Me Unca Freddie   D&B: Shapin' Up!!    05/04
Click Me David Chord; New pics of SunStrike!!    05/04
Click Me wiLd biLL   A pic of one of wiLd biLL's favorite spots to ride (and I can see why!)    05/04
Click Me Ed Almada   Ed's "ol' black"....I'd call it a gorgeous '86 VT1100 VRROOM!    05/04
Click Me Island Mike & Tropical Mary   Pics of Tropical Mary's new scoot!!    05/04
Click Me Mike   A 1997 VT750 tribute to the U.S. from Austria!!    05/04
Click Me Matt Cohen   We finally get a peek at Matt's '88 VT800!!    05/04
Click Me Rick & Carrie Martin   A sweet 2000 ACE 750!!    05/04
Click Me Mark Lippett   Mark's "Perfect Condition" 1998 Spirit 1100!!    05/04
Click Me Foxee   Foxee's first Grandchild, Serita!!    05/04
Click Me Jeff Reichel   Jeff's additions to his '85!!    05/04
Click Me Bob Eakins   Bob with "Mother Earth"!!    05/04
Click Me 'Skull' Anderson   Upgrades to Skull's Trike!!    05/04
Click Me Mark W.   Even more new goodies on the '86 VT1100!!    05/04
Click Me Mark W.   A bunch of new goodies on the '86 VT1100!!    03/04
Click Me Traveler   Peculiar Science?? There's no doubt.....    03/04
Click Me Robert Haywood   Here's a sweet paint job!! (No offense to Hot Lixxx)    03/04
Click Me Stephen Joy   Stephen's 2001 750 Spirit in scenic Newfoundland!    03/04
Click Me Scott   Here's Scott's custom '92 VT1100! Sweet!!    03/04
Click Me Evert   Check out Evert's '03 ACE!!    03/04
Click Me Angel Shadow   A hot '85 VT1100 from Puerto Rico!!    03/04
Click Me Jeff   Jeff's '85 VT1100 is a beauty!    02/04
Click Me Mike Mayfield   Mike & Bro's 02 ACEs!!    02/04
Click Me Chief & Deb   Lil' Six pics!    02/04
Click Me Alain   Alain's superb '86 VT750!    02/04
Click Me Jim   Here's Jim's trip to OCC!!    02/04
Click Me Chief   What a nice pair these two make!!    02/04
Click Me Jan Magnussen (Nimbus)   Jan's hot purple & white VT600!!    02/04
Click Me Steve & Christi   Check out Steve & Christi's stablemates!!    02/04
Click Me Cletus   Check out Red's new side covers!!    02/04
Click Me Kei   More pics of Kei's Canadian VT500    02/04
Click Me Karl   Karl's sweet custom Spirit!!    02/04
Click Me David   All play and no work.....wait, I meant.....    01/04
Click Me Cletus (aka Wormman)   Check Red's new look!!    01/04
Click Me Stump   Stump's sweet VT800!!!    01/04
Click Me wiLd biLL   Looks like the luggage rack is working just fine!!    01/04
Click Me David   Shadow or not?!?!? You decide.....    01/04
Click Me Cletus   Red's gettin' heavy from all 'da chrome!!    01/04
Click Me Jeff   A " 'Classic Metric' taken to a new level!"    01/04
Click Me Bro D   Bro D's new pic of the '85 1100!!    01/04
Click Me Travis   Pics from Sturgis...and that's one sweet Tiger ACE!!    01/04
Click Me Hollyshocks   Happy Holidays from Lola and 'Shocks!    01/04
Click Me Cletus   Cletus gives us a look at the landlord's trike....sweet!!    01/04
Click Me HogKiller   Why, it's a group pic of the Left Coast folks PLUS one!    12/03
Click Me Thomas Boltik   Heh, wouldn't want to ruin the surprise......    12/03
Click Me Alfred Zoer   Check out Alfred's low-slung, hard-look '88 VT1100 from the Netherlands!!!    12/03
Click Me Cletus   Cletus' pics from the COLD Toy Run!!!    11/03
Click Me wiLd biLL   wiLd biLL takes a leap of faith......    11/03
Click Me Hans van Loenen  Hans' perfect '85 VT100 from the Netherlands!!!    11/03
Click Me Bill Offenberg   Bill's New Toy, a sharp Spirit 750!!!    11/03
Click Me Pops   Pops' rendition of the Left Coast Halloween Bash!!!    11/03
Click Me HogKiller   Hawgie's pics from the Left Coast Halloween Bash!!!    11/03
Click Me Bugs   Bugs & The Motorpickle!!!    10/03
Click Me Cletus   Cletus & Miss Teresa!!    10/03
Click Me Deerslayer   Here's a pic of Mike & Cindy dropping in on 'Slayer in Fremont, IN!!    10/03
Click Me Wild Bill   Good idea for the sidepanel, let's hope nobody actually ever sees it without you around!!    10/03
Click Me Wild Bill   Wild Bill's trip to the Toy Run!!    10/03
Click Me Thomas   Thomas Boltik's extremely rare VT800C!!!    10/03
Click Me Cletus   Cletus' glowin' chrome additions!!    10/03
Click Me Unca   Unca visits the X-Man! (Part 2)    10/03
Click Me Unca   Unca visits the X-Man! (Part 1)    10/03
Click Me Pops 'n Shocks   Vineyards, Pops, Shocks, some flowers and a bike!    10/03
Click Me Wild Bill   Wild Bill's new additions!    10/03
Click Me Victor   Check out the custom paint on Victor's '99 Valk!!    10/03
Click Me Sulli   Sulli finally gets his '86 VT1100 on the board!!    10/03
Click Me Fred (Skull) Anderson   Skull's Amazing Trike!!    10/03
Click Me Charles (Rooster)   Rooster's Baby "Bird" '88 VT1100!!    10/03
Click Me Paul   Paul's new toy: '03 Shadow Spirit 750!    10/03
Click Me Mark   Mark's new forward controls!    10/03
Click Me Wild Bill   Wild Bill on a wilderness adventure!!    9/03
Click Me Unca   Well I'll be....there ARE hills in Minnesota!!    9/03
Click Me Unca   Unca's trip to I-O-WAH    9/03
Click Me Unca   Pictorial of Unca's trip to Duluth!!!
Please note: LOTS OF PICTURES HERE!!  
Click Me Mark   Check out this sweet custom tankbag!!    9/03
Click Me Jon   Jon, Don (aka Party Boy) and the girls!!    9/03
Click Me Cletus   Cletus' Red and Black Beauty!    9/03
Click Me Alex   Alex's sweet VT1100C!!!    7/03
Click Me Steve   An incredible custome Sabre 1100!    7/03
Click Me Bob   Can you believe this beautiful bike is an '84?!?!   7/03
Click Me Kit   Kit's gorgeous custom VLX!   7/03
Click Me Dan   Dan's Sabre at home in Clarkston, WA!   7/03
Click Me Robert   Robert's brand new 2003 Shadow!   7/03
Click Me Victor   Victor's beautiful new Aero!   7/03
Click Me Shorty   Here's his brand-new '95 Shadow!   6/03
Click Me Matt   Matt's 2002 Honda Shadow Sabre!   6/03
Click Me Pops   HogKiller hosts AbFest1!   6/03
Click Me Pops   Pop's Excellent Adventure!   6/03
Click Me Alain   Another of the rare '86 VT750Cs!   6/03
Click Me Mike   Mike's new Honda VTX 1300 retro!   6/03
Click Me Unca   Great River Road on Memorial Day!   6/03
Click Me Frank   Help find Frank's FLH a good home!   6/03
Click Me The Press   Sulli's unexpected get-off!   6/03
Click Me The Rev   Reverend Roadkill's Ride!   6/03
Click Me Unca   The Barbster and the Shadow - wif hemmut!   6/03
Click Me Jon   The Outer Banks by motorcycle!   6/03
Click Me Greg   Gorgeous '86 Shadow from Edmonton, AB!   6/03
Click Me Alex   His Shadow's also unique!   5/03
Click Me Reaper   His Shadow's unique!   5/03
Click Me Torque   At home in Madison, Alabama!   5/03
Click Me sqrly   "Pops 'n Shocks" photos by sqrlynuts!   5/03
Click Me Pup   Customized Shadow from the Netherlands!   5/03
Click Me Frank   Help find Frank's Shadow a good home!   5/03
Click Me Skull   Skull's Aussie Shadow Trike!   5/03
Click Me Dirt   The Shadow at Chez Dirt!   5/03
Click Me Chubby   More Marcus Dairy shots!   5/03
Click Me Gunjinn   The April 2003 run to Marcus Dairy!   4/03
Click Me Mark & Lynn   Did you say TRACTOR headlights!?!? Yep!   4/03
Click Me Larry   Here's a sweet VLX in Phoenix!   4/03
Click Me Hollyshocks   Here's Lola in her brand-new chrome sidecovers!   4/03
Click Me Barkeep   The 2003 San Hoser Bike Blessing!   4/03
Click Me everybody   Deal's Gap V - Pix from everybody!   4/03
Click Me foxee   Foxee's spring fling at the cemetary!   4/03
Click Me Sparky   Chief Sparky's ride with new floorboards & bags!   4/03
Click Me Mark   Great new paint on his '86 VT1100C!   3/03
Click Me Brian   Help find Brian's VT700 a new home!   3/03
Click Me Greg   Waiting anxiously for Spring in Maine!   3/03
Click Me Hope   Darkangel and the Tuba Museum!   3/03
Click Me Sparky   His new '03 VT750 Shadow!   3/03
Click Me Jeff   Gorgeous '85 VT1100C with custom work!   3/03
Click Me Tom   Help find his cherry GL1000 a good home!   3/03
Click Me Matt   His '84 VT700C at home in Austin!   3/03
Click Me Gunjinn   March 16th's Roadhouse Ride   3/03
Click Me John   Spiders of the Asphalt from Várzea da Palma in Brazil!   3/03
Click Me Skoal   Skoal's A.C.E. with the new Vargas paint job!   3/03
Click Me Randy   Here's Randy's brand-new '03 Spirit of Arkansas!   3/03
Click Me Jim & Berk   Check out their new rides!   3/03
Click Me Mark   In Wisconsin snow and waiting for Spring!   3/03
Click Me Victor   Here's Victor's baby in Puerto Rico!   2/03
Click Me Mike   Here's how they modify exhaust systems in Tennessee!   1/03
Click Me Åge   Here's Åge's beautiful Norwegian '86 VT1100C!   1/03
Click Me Hannah   Hanna and her folks head out on a San Fran vacation!   1/03
Click Me Wes   Wes and his Aero!   1/03
Click Me Bro D   Yep, a Shadow with 372,000 miles!   1/03
Click Me Kevin   Kevin's VLX outside of Pittsburgh!   1/03
Click Me Arkie   Arkie's new ride!   1/03
Click Me Holly   8 shots of Holly and Lola!   1/03
Click Me John   Help find John's Sabre a good home!   1/03
Click Me Shannon   Shannon and her husband ride some mighty fine iron!   1/03
Click Me Andrew   The finest Shadow in New South Wales!   1/03
Click Me Ernie   Ernie and his Shadow at Pearl Harbor!   1/03
Click Me Gerry   Help find Gerry's Shadow a good home!   12/02
Click Me Marty   Help find Marty's Shadow a good home!   11/02
Click Me Jeffrey   Jeffrey's Shadow in Beaver Valley!   11/02
Click Me Sean   Sean and his '02 in Thibodeaux!   11/02
Click Me Rita   Here's a shot from Rita and her Shadow's tour of Greece!   11/02
Click Me Indian-Shadow   Check out Indian-Shadow's Dutch version of this great bike!   11/02
Click Me Jon   John's '02 Spirit is a blast to ride!   11/02
Click Me Island Mike   Island Mike's new '93 XLH!   10/02
Click Me Peter K.   Here's how Canadian '86s look!   10/02
Click Me Chip   Biketoberfest 2002 pix!   10/02
Click Me Deerslayer   A gathering of Housies at the covered bridge at Langley!   9/02
Click Me Tim   Here's Tim's brand new '03 Sabre!   9/02
Click Me Marcel   Here's his German VT500C - fresh from the autobahn!   9/02
Click Me Joe Vitale   He's got Tonto all spruced up!   9/02
Click Me Wild Bill   Homebrewed forward controls for an '86!   9/02
Click Me Frank   Help find Frank's CB1000 a new home!   9/02
Click Me Kingphil   Kingphil's VLX and his best-looking princess!   9/02
Click Me Peer   Peer's VT800 moved from South Carolina to The Netherlands!   9/02
Click Me Bosurob   I want to trade these pipes for stock ones!   9/02
Click Me Sapan   Here's Sapan's beautiful brand-new A.C.E.!   9/02
Click Me Jim R   Jim's ACE and his bud's Valk!   9/02
Click Me Unca Freddie   Unca, Barbster, and X-Man ride to The Rock!   9/02
Click Me T   Here's T's new ride!   9/02
Click Me Unca Freddie   A cupple a nice ones!   9/02
Click Me Jean Michel   Ready to ride in Normandy, France!   8/02
Click Me Blomman   Sweden has some gorgeous BIKES too!   8/02
Click Me Unca Freddie   Here's Unca doing his very best Willie G impression!   8/02
Click Me Unca Freddie   Why's that '86 Shadow growling???   8/02
Click Me Becca   Help find Becca's VLX a good home!   8/02
Click Me Gunjinn   Hauling a spare!   8/02
Click Me Tim   Help find Tim's '02 Sabre a loving home!   8/02
Click Me Roy   Roy's '96 VT600 from a land far away!   8/02
Click Me Gunjinn   Gunjinn and Carole and Mike and Cindy do it on the road!   8/02
Click Me Pilot Bob   Check out the awesome paint on this chopper!   8/02
Click Me David See   Help find Dave's Wing a loving home!   7/02
Click Me Unca Freddie   Donner und Blitzen Restored!   7/02
Click Me RC Brown   Help find Dick's Shadow a loving home!   7/02
Click Me Scratch   Check out Scratch's '89!   7/02
Click Me Matt Cohen   Help find Matt's Nighthawk a good home!   7/02
Click Me Gunjinn   Gunjinn and Carole find Scooby Doo!   7/02
Click Me Wild Bill   The Ashcroft ride!   7/02
Click Me Unca Freddie   Adios Donner und Blitzen, Ola RaggedyShadow!   7/02
Click Me HogKiller   A small left-coast get-together!   7/02
Click Me Jim Higgins   Jim's sparkling clean '92 VLX!   7/02
Click Me Joe Vitale   Here's Joe on his Sportster!   7/02
Click Me Paul Davila   Pix of the Harley on the AIDS ride!   7/02
Click Me damien   Damien had a great time at the Mermaid Parade!   7/02
Click Me Bill Hoover   Wild Bill rides through British Columbia!   7/02
Click Me Dave   Cruising the Red River Valley!   7/02
Click Me Edoj Tobriner  How it's done in Impreial Beach, CA!   7/02
Click Me Dirt   Dirt's machine gets a little closer to perfect!   7/02
Click Me Jeff   He's trimmed the beard and cleaned the bike!   7/02
Click Me Chubby   Chubby's 2001 Shadow A.C.E. in all its glory!   7/02
Click Me preachp   Preachp 's 2002 Shadow A.C.E.!   7/02
Click Me Steve W.   Check out Steve's 98 A.C.E. Tourer!   7/02
Click Me HogKiller   Here is the pic of the Jan dinner with the Left and Right Coast folks!   6/02
Click Me Torque   3.4 Megs of Eastern Seaboard Tour!   6/02
Click Me Pops   Here are Pops' New Glarus pix too!   6/02
Click Me Deerslayer   Sure is a lot happening in New Glarus!   5/02
Click Me Foxee   More from The Land That Time Forgot!   5/02
Click Me Bill   Help find Bill's VLX a good home!   5/02
Click Me Dirt   Check out Dirt's custom A.C.E.!   5/02
Click Me Unca & Deerslayer   The trek to the Tunnel!   5/02
Click Me Richard Fischer   His brother on his first Spirit 1100!   5/02
Click Me Russell Shepherd   Let's find Russell's VLX a good home!   5/02
Click Me Mike Spencer   Slick's custom Shadow!   5/02
Click Me Jim Schlyer   Buy this cool lift adapter for floor jacking a Shadow!   5/02
Click Me foxee   Foxee's daughter on her first motorcycle!   5/02
Click Me Pops   The Old Broad and her stablemate!   5/02
Click Me Jim Arch   Help find Little Thunder a loving home!   5/02
Click Me MagnaWing Pat   Beautiful old bike with some nice aboard!   5/02
Click Me Gary   Gary's beautifully customized '94 Shadow!   5/02
Click Me Unca   A freshly decaled Donner Und Blitzen!   5/02
Click Me Goose   Here's Goose's custom Tiger!   5/02
Click Me Carolyn D   Here's Carolyn's '85 VT500C with its new paint!   5/02
Click Me George   George loves his 2002 750 A.C.E.!   4/02
Click Me Bill Hoover   Check out Wild Bill's new bars!   4/02
Click Me Dave Frame   Skip's gorgeous '95 A.C.E.!   4/02
Click Me Hope Dundas   Hope's now officially a wrench!   4/02
Click Me Ray Holtz   Buy Ray's Wing!   4/02
Click Me Barry & Lisa   A custom marriage in the making!   4/02
Click Me Unca   She's not REALLY about to fall over, is she?   4/02
Click Me Gunjinn   Roadhouse Gathering at Marcus Dairy!   4/02
Click Me BJ Ondo   Here's Ramblinman's '86 VT1100C!   4/02
Click Me Jim Neumann   Here's Jim's 1999 VLX!   4/02
Click Me Roadhouse Nuptuals   Cindy and Mike's wedding - March 30, 2002!   4/02
Click Me Reaper's Ride   Jim & Berk's new VLX1800!   4/02
Click Me Carrie Harris   Carrie's 600VLX!   3/02
Click Me Bill Hoover   Fresh Springtime pic from Bill!   3/02
Click Me Mark Van Crombrugge   Mark's Alpine Shadow!   3/02
Click Me Alan Brouchard   Here's Alan's perfect '85 VT750!   3/02
Click Me Sandy C  Sandy's seeing fireworks over her new '86 VT500!   3/02
Click Me Dr. J.  This '85 voted Best in Ottowa Area!   3/02
Click Me Jim 'n Berk  Buy Jim's '86!   3/02
Click Me Brandon Lerette  Buy Brandon's Ride!   3/02
Click Me Valkyrie38  Valkyrie's Valk!   3/02
Click Me Jamie  After 3 years, she decided to send some pix!   2/02
Click Me Steve B.  His wife got it for him! He MUST be good... ;)   2/02
Click Me Dawg  "Purple Haze" transformed into "Power Cruiser"!   2/02
Click Me Sam  Sam and his '98 Valkyrie outside Wireless Products  1/02
Click Me Vinny  SIU Isn't the ONLY cool thing in Carbondale!   1/02
Click Me Dale  Buy Dale's VLX!   1/02
Click Me Sweet  Buy Sweet's Ride!   1/02
Click Me Rich Switzer  Nice his&hers rides!   1/02
Click Me Ponch  pssst... wanna buy a nice Wing?   1/02
Click Me BC Whitney  An '86 and a smilin' face - nuff said!   1/02
Click Me Jim and Berk  My 86' VT110 and her 98' 600 VLX both garaged in Va. and go everywhere..   1/02
Click Me Brother Dan  Here's Brother Dan's Spirit at home in Arizona!   1/02
Click Me Martin Cauro  Think he spends the entire Montreal winter polishing this beauty? Sure looks like it!   1/02
Click Me Fabrizio  Ready for a coast-coast run across Italy?   1/02
Click Me Torque and Chip  Ever see a cold and windblown Torque...?   12/01
Click Me Screaminwolf  A really SWEET Chrismas present!   12/01
Click Me Jon  Military Miniatures   12/01
Click Me Chip  SuzieQ and the Roo (thanks, Foxee!)   12/01
Click Me Greg Duncan  The Rhino   12/01
Click Me Jon Rigsby  '84 VT700C   11/01
Click Me Dawg  Purple VLX at the drag strip   11/01
Click Me Wes  The New GS   10/01
Click Me E. Albertson  Black and Red Spirit   11/98
Click Me Allan P. Aunkst  Black Spirit   04/99
Click Me J. Barna Purple Shadow Standard   07/99
Click Me S. Barton  Yellow and Black ACE   06/99
Click Me Candice Bell  w/"Bullhead City Bob" (Holub)   01/99
Click Me Steve Bell  Yellow and Black ACE   01/99
Click Me Steve Campbell  Black Shadow   11/99
Click Me Billy Cox  Black Standard   12/99
Click Me J. Delgado  Bronze Vintage Shadow   03/99
Click Me D. Doyle  Yellow and Black ACE   11/98
Click Me D. Endicott  White and Black ACE   11/98
Click Me Foxee's 2001 Rally  Various Pics  6/01
Click Me Fun With Foxee!  The Three Shadows  9/01
Click Me J. Freeman  Red and Black VLX   12/99
Click Me W. Flemming  Yellow & White Standard w/extra  11/99
Click Me I. Frost  Red Vintage&   11/98
Click Me L. Gabrielsen  Blue and Black Standard   12/99
Click Me C. Goldsmith  Custom Paint Standard   02/99
Click Me D. Gonzalez  Purple and White Standard   11/98
Click Me Scott Gray Mina  10/01
Click Me Allen Halstead  Black Valk   02/99
Click Me Nancy Higham  Black Standard   12/99
Click Me David F. Hedger 1997 Shadow Spirit  04/00
Click Me Erik Hite  Black Vintage , Red Standard   04/99
Click Me M. Hodges  Group Pics, Black & White Standard   02/99
Click Me K. Holm  Red VLX   03/99
Click Me Bob and Donna Holub  Red and White ACE   02/99
Click Me Bill Hoover  Black and Silver Vintage   04/99
Click Me Wes Hurley  1986 Vintage VT1000, Black & Silver   07/99
Click Me Dave "Gunjinn" Kaufman  Black and Ivory ACE Tourer   04/00
Click Me K. Kannenberg  Black Vintage   03/99
Click Me Bob "Dr. Doom" Kircher  Green ACE Tourer   03/99
Click Me Chris Knopf Black Standard  04/99
Click Me M. Kuhlman Red and Black Vintage   02/99
Click Me C. Kyle  85 Vintage 700 & 86 Vintage 500   06/99
Click Me George A. Laing  Black Vintage   2/99
Click Me James Langley  Blue Standard   04/99
Click Me Scott Lloyd  ACE 750   04/99
Click Me Guy Lounsbury  Black Standard with Ditch   06/99
Click Me K. Lynch  Purple and Black ACE Tourer   06/99
Click Me M. "Merlin"  Mauss  Vintage   03/99
Click Me L. McDonald  Red and Black ACE Tourer   03/99
Click Me Fred "Unca" Milverstedt  Black Vintage   11/99
Click Me Rich Mitchell  Green and White ACE Tourer   04/99 
Click Me Monty  1998 750 ACE Black and Copper   07/99
Click Me B. Moon  Yellow & Black Standard and some other POS   02/99
Click Me Mudflap  The man himself.  12/98
Click Me D. Nelson  Blue and Black ACE   11/98
Click Me T. "Dawg" Palka  Black Standard   02/99
Click Me "Fareweather" Bill Perego  Blue/Black & on the road  04/00
Click Me R. Peterson Purple and White Standard   12/99
Click Me S. Pickard  Black ACE Tourer   03/99
Click Me B. Rich  Purple and White Aero   11/98
Click Me J. Rogers  Royal Star   12/98
Click Me J. Russel  Black and  Silver Standard   11/98
Click Me R. Ryds  Black Standard   11/98
Click Me G. Schaeffer  Highly Retro Blue Standard   03/99
Click Me A. Schwartz Blue and Black ACE and 86 Shadow   07/99
Click Me P. Scott  The man himself.  11/98
Click Me E. Stempeck  Blue and White Standard   02/99
Click Me D. Swartling  Black and Ivory ACE Tourer   09/99
Click me D. "Dan'l" Troglin Grey and Wineberry Vintage 86 Shadow  09/00
Click Me Lee Turford  Black Standard   06/99
Click Me R. Van Slyke  Black Vintage and 99 Moto Guzzi V11 EV   06/99
Click Me F. "Shaggy" Wechlser  1998 Shadow Standard Lehman Conversion   05/99
Click Me Two Dogs and Friends   Special Members. Adults Only Please   03/99
Click Me Nice Gear Adults Only Please  

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