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Due to the increase in spam and spam bots on the internet, we will no longer provide "mailto" links for submitting, removing or updating ads. As stated below, this is a free service of our site and this is only an attempt to curb the amount of spam we receive due to the open nature of the "mailto" links. If you would like to submit, update or remove an ad, please copy and paste the email address into your mail client with the subject line that correspond with your intended submission. i.e. "Submit Ad", "Remove Ad", or "Update Ad" respectively. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a necessary step in order to fight the current amount of spam received.
Thank you for your cooperation!

These Classified Ads are provided as a free service by and are intended to provide a rider-to-rider link for folks to swap out their stuff. We will never knowingly post a rip-off. But since we neither screen nor profit from any of these ads, in all transactions the buyer and the seller accept responsibility for concluding the deal to the satisfaction of both parties. If you feel you've been ripped off, email us at , but all we can do is remove the offending ad. We know that there are some scam artists out there asking
for money without providing a product, or setting up a third party transaction to purchase something from you.
Basically folks, be careful with any financial transaction, as we cannot monitor the actions of those that post information here.

Notice! Several members have been emailed scams from the likes of UK, Spain, and Africa wanting to get your information first, but usually won't give you theirs. Some attempts have been made to pay the seller more than they're asking for the items or make no attempt to bargain with the price. The FBI has said that this IS a scam where an attempt may be made to launder money or pass a bad check. Be advised that anything posted here is public domain. Any ad posted here is the sole responsibilty of the poster and subject to anyone viewing these pages. Please be careful when posting your ads and always get the buyers information before proceding with your transaction. If the buyer refuses to give you their information, this is generally the first indication of a scam. More information on scams can be found at
Thank you from the ShadowRiders team!

Click on one of the links below to go to ads from folks who either want to sell some stuff,
or who are looking to buy something you might have lying around.

Wanted To Buy For Sale

These ads are free to everyone. You don't have to be a member or anything. Just click on the link at the top and submit it.
Ads may be edited for content and will be posted and removed at the discretion of the Webmistress.
Maximum time for an ad is ONE YEAR from post date. Problems with that? Gripe at her!

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