Welcome to the Roadhouse, home of the Roadhouse gang; a freewheeling group of bikers united by their affection for Honda Shadow motorcycles. We're non-denominational, though, so don't hesitate to park your BMW, Harley, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Henderson, Indian or any other brand bike out front. The bouncer will look after it quite well. Vespas are a different story, however! Come on in, grab a seat and the bartender will slide you a virtual drink of your choice!


Want to pick up some Official Roadhouse gear? Check out this link for cool embroidered shirts, flags, patches, and more! Look great and show your pride at that next rally or poker run!  
For those of you who think 4 cylinders is better than 2, check out the SabMag site (Honda Sabre and Magna specific). Be prepared, however, for an eclectic group of high speed, carefree daredevils!

So, where does all the witty humor and friendly banter come from? Well, the list, of course! How does one subscribe? Go HERE. Remember, of course, this is an automated list; you must do a little work to join, and you MUST FOLLOW THE FREAKIN' DIRECTIONS to unsubscribe. If you don't, you'll be laughed at by one and all!


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