Hey Roadies,
Last week, I bought a Dunlop 206 mail-order tire from M R Motorcycles
with the intention of mounting it myself. Got the VT1100T off the floor with
my engine hoist. No problem. Dismounted the rear wheel. Piece a cake.
First removed the seat and side covers. Attached tie downs to rear foot pegs
and above to hoist. With the bike on the hoist, remove the saddle bags. 4 8
mm bolts in each one. Great chance to clean the wheel side of each bag.
Remove the mufflers. 2 12mm bolts clamp each muffler to the exhaust pipe.
Two 12mm bolts attach mufflers to each saddle bag bracket. Great chance to
thoroughly clean and shine mufflers. Remove the saddle bag connection bar
from underneath the rear fender. Remove 14mm brake bracket bolt. Remove
axle pinch bolt on right side. Remove axle nut on left side. To kep axle
from turning while loosening axle nut, I attached a vice grip to the pinch
bolt side of the axle. Tap out axle from left with soft hammer. Pull axle
out of right side. Lift brake bracket out of way. DON'T DEPRESS REAR BRAKE
OR YOU'LL HAVE TO BLEED YOUR BRAKE SYSTEM. Move wheel to right to disengage
drive gear. Hey, great chance to really clean and shine that wheel. And
with the saddlebags off, I could also shine up the shocks, saddle bag
brackets, and check the condition of my rear brakes.
I was very impressed with the design of this bike. Access to bolts
was very easy.
I thought I could dismount the tire myself, but the carcass of a
a170/70HR16 will change your mind. The local Yamaha shop charged me $15.00
to dismount, mount and balance the new tire. So I spent $154 for the tire
including shipping and $15.00 for mounting for a total of $169.00. The Honda
shop wanted $210 for the tire and $30 to mount and balance. I saved $71.00.
And the shop doesn't shine up any chrome.
Now for that K&N air filter.

Roadkill Rich _I__---\
Texarkana, AR O+++O
'98 Shadow ACE Tour (Jade/Ivory)
Sun above me, Shadow around me, Roadkill beneath me.