Installation and fit of Cobra Speedometer cover on a 1996 VT1100C:

The installation of the Cobra Speedometer cover was to solve a problem with a National Cycle Windshield. The WS rubbed up against the speedometer and was not adjustable. The WS had been cut down but still remained in the highest position on the adjustment and was completely vertical. I desired to have the WS slant back some and also wanted to lower it a bit more. The lower portion of the WS was covered with a film to hide the wiring mess of behind below the handle bars, but was not low enough to suit.

The instructions are straight forward and easy to follow in so far as they go. They do not tell you what has to be done to remove the Speedo from the existing mounting ring, only to remove it. Fortunately, all the bulbs pop right out, and there are only two small screws internally that need to be removed to detach the wires for the lamp unit. All the other wires use plugs and come right apart. You should, however, mark the color wires on the bulbs, both internally and externally so that they can be replaced properly.

The removal and installation of the existing mounting bracket and ring was simple. The removal of the Speedo was likewise easy. The only problem comes when attempting to replace the three bulbs below the new cover. The holes provided are too shallow to accept the pressure fit bulb housings. As a result, they kept popping out. This problem is solved by applying pressure when strapping the cable into place on the existing wiring bracket that came from the existing mount (this is covered in the instructions, although somewhat vaguely). The cable tie will provide sufficient pressure to keep the bulbs in place. You will need a cable tie and some WD-40 for the installation that is not provided.


Other than figuring out how to hold the bulbs in place, there were no problems. The Speedometer cover did what I expected it to do and I was able to readjust the WS. The position of the WS does not increase any buffeting, I had little before, and have little now, I am quite pleased with the riding angle.

With bright sunlight at your back, the bulbs are difficult to see when illuminated, but the stock bulbs were also. The cover is highly chromed and does provide some glare that was not there before, but with sunglasses, I did not notice it more than the glare from the chrome trim of the WS.


The Speedo is now more visable, I can see the dial much better than before. Very nice fit and finish, must not have been the same team that did the Freeway Bars.