Petcock Replacement Time

Just thought I would post this in case someone else has a similar problem.

My fuel petcock was leaking from the lever, I couldn't turn the petcock off nor use the reserve position without leaking fuel, a vt500c doesn't carry all that much fuel and here in Montana a little extra fuel is at times necessary...

The Honda dealer in Butte quoted me 165.00 for a new one, with help from this list I did find a used one in CA for 45.00, being the cheap person I am I thought I would try to fix it myself, ordered a petcock rebuild kit, but that didn't contain the necessary parts to fix the leak.

Since I had it off the bike I put it on the drill press and drilled the "rivets" from the plate holding the selector lever, under the lever there is a thick rubber "washer" with four holes in it, there was a sizable gouge wore in between two of the holes, I assumed that was the source of the leak.

Using care I removed the washer and the opposite side appeared as new, I thought if I reinstalled it with the good side in contact with the selector plate that it should fix the leak.

The rivets that hold the selector lever in place are actually part of the cast, I found myself in a bit of a snag, I didn't trust my drilling and tapping ability so I took the petcock to a local machine shop.

I was charged 5.00 for the drilling and tapping and that included the two allen head screws and lock washers.

The petcock is now back on the bike, total repair time was an hour and a half, and that included stopping for a hamburger and shake, the darn thing no longer leaks, and I can turn it off and to reserve.

Ron Freidel
August 13, 2002