Installation and fit of DK Arlene Ness Sealth I mirrors:

These mirrors were purchased to solve the problem with stock mirrors that do not allow for full vision of the road behind. The stock mirrors, when angled to show rearward, are partially blocked by the rider's shoulders. The right hand mirror usually showed the most road and was consequently used more that the left.

The mirrors required an adapter to mount to existing mounting holes. This is a shame since the Stealth I mirrors are made to fit any variety of HD mounts. The stock mounting attachments sent with the mirrors for HD are much better in appearance than the required adapters that replace them on a Honda Application.

I should note that other mirrors have been tried to correct this problem on the VT1100C, its stock mirrors are the best constructed mirrors that I have seen and they do not vibrate the view out of existence. Other attempts to replace the mirrors have met with failure because of the excessive vibrations.

The mounting was straight forward; however, where the lens portion attaches to the stalk is a weak point. Using locktite on this part and removing the supplied o-ring is suggested. The o-ring serves no known purpose and actually interferes with tightening.

Remove the existing mirrors from the mounting hole on the hydraulic cylinder (both sides). Install the adapter, the stalk and then adjust the head.

The fit and finish of the mirrors is quite good.


Other than the connection between the lenses and the stalks being somewhat fragile during installation, the fit and finish of the mirrors was very good. The mirrors do not provide as much surface area as the stock mirrors, but once on the road, this was not found to diminish anything.


By moving the mirrors out from the stock mirror position about 3", the problem above was solved. The mirrors do vibrate more that the stock mirrors. But at 80 on an interstate, the vibration did not impair the visibility of oncoming traffic to the point of uselessness. I found them to be satisfactory. Of course this comes are a price, these mirrors are not cheap. I am now able to see both directly behind me and the other lane sufficiently so as not to have to move my head to see something.