About 2 months ago I started having some real bad problems with my eyes.
Everytime I went riding they would start itchin and waterin real bad. I
would have to stop every 20 miles and clean the film off of em in order to
see. By the time I got back home I was in some terrible pain. Felt like if
I could only gouge them out with an ice pick they would feel better.
Went to the doctor and he said I had pink eye. Tried to tell him that I
rode a scoot and that was not the problem. He wouldn't listen so I figgered
out for myself that the combination of pollen,wind,sun,heat and allergies
was the cause.
I went looking for a cure.What I found was a place that sells
perscription goggles on the net at
www.sportrx.com .They have quite a
selection. Since I have an abnormally large head they had a selction just
for us big headed folks. These are made for riding motorcyles. They can
only grind them to certain tolerances but they are close enough for me to
see very well while driving. I have rode around with them for a couple of
days now and have had no problems with my eyes. It's like having a full
face helmet on.
They are a lttle bigger than regular sunshades.Kinda like aviator glasses
but more compact. Once you get them adjusted they are very comfy too. Even
if they looked goofy as Hell I would wear them anyway because they made
riding enjoyable again.
Price: $127.95 delivered with cleaning cloth,anti-fog juice and a very
nice carry case that clips right on my bike by the windshield.