Installation and fit of Cobra Horn Covers on a 1996 VT1100C:

The instructions were clear enough, since the installation is simple, the instructions provide enough information to disassemble the exiting horn mounting and install the covers.

Remove four screws from the existing chrome horn. Bolt the bracket to the horn using the existing screws. Bolt the horn cover to the bracket using the supplied spacer. The instructions call for locktite.


There was only one problem: Once the covers are installed, the existing horns do not work very well and are muffled to unacceptable levels. My solution to this was to order replacement horns from Dennis Kirk (see that article). These did not arrive on time and so there is no review of those products.

Fit and finish were what one would expect them to be.


An unexpected boon came my way while riding. The covers, which were installed to improve looks, provided a comfortable rest for my legs. They, in conjunction with the Cobra Freeway bars, solved a problem that I have been having with my foot sliding off the pegs. Due to my custom exhaust, floor boards are not an option. By resting my lower legs on the covers and using the freeway bars for my feet, the slipping problem is gone and I am MUCH more comfortable.