I bought the PIAA blue light for my bike, don't waste your money. This light
is not good for night riding, it does not light up the rode very well. The
auto parts guy will take it back and I will buy the PIAA light H4 15060#.
For 50/60 watts you get the same output as a light 100/110 watt.

de Buggy

I picked up a xenon bulb from Peninsula Honda a while back, and that makes a
big difference. It's the same type you're talking about getting.

Definitely avoid the bulbs that are tinted blue! They reduce the visible light
output way too much. If you want the blue look of an HID system, spend the
bucks on a xenon bulb or, if you're really feeling wealthy, get an actual HID
system. I think they run about $300 for bikes...

The xenon does well enough for me, and was only $20.


is this the same thing that http://www.motolight.com
offers? granted, 20.00 is muuuuch better than 245.00
but i really like this idea...i'm thinking of using
these types stacked instead of a single headlamp with
custom brackets for the 12ball...

damien "bugeyes" gonzalez