Product Review of National Cycle Lightbar, Windshield, Billet Windshield Trim, and Chrome Lower Deflectors.

Exact products installed onto 1998 Ace 1100 were:

National Cycle Custom Heavy Duty Windshield

National Cycle CJC Chrome Hardware Kit

National Cycle Chrome Lower deflectors

National Cycle Billet Windshield Trim

National Cycle Lightbar

Anyone that would like to see how all the products look together can check out the main page of National Cycle’s website.

Installation and fit of National Cycle Lightbar

Installation Issues - Instructions were adequate to install the product with one serious exception. The instructions operate under the premise that the lightbar’s wiring scheme (color coding) matches the bikes. It does not (possibly it did at one time). What N/C sends you is a lightbar with 2 too long red wires, 2 too short red wires, and 2 too short black wires. They also send you these little "snap" wire fasteners which are worthless.

Solution: The N/C lightbar assembly replaces your turn signals with its own. Simply cut off the wires from your original/discarded turn signals and use them as a splice for the turn signals. To determine which wires are for what. Before you reinstall the headlamp turn the bike on, and use the headlight socket to test which wire goes to which item. As it turns out the 2 too long wires are for the spotlights, and can be soldered to the hi-beam wire. The short wires are for the turn signals. These are the ones requiring splicing with the original wires.

Fit/Finish – Very good, my only complaint is that the red wires running from the spot and turn signals are visible just at the top of the turn signal stem as they round the corner heading for the center of the lightbar. In addition, the wire clusters coming out of the bar and going into the bike could be done in a more clean fashion.

They are visible from the front of the bike, and where they come out no change in routing can fully conceal them. I plan to wrap them all in the chrome wire wrap, which I have seen in JC Whitney’s and Dennis Kirk’s catalogs.

Installation and fit of National Cycle Custom Heavy Duty Windshield

Installation Issues - Instructions could have been illustrated more adequately, and the biggest problems was the need for an extra set of hands for the windshield installation. To install the windshield you must purchase their chrome hardware kit. The kit comes with two fork clamps which are about 6 inches long and are nicely chromed. The hardware install is a tad cumbersome because all of the pieces interconnect, and are effectively installed together. Like a said, an extra pair of hands would have been nice.

Note – This is not an easy-off/easy-on product. Though 4 bolts take it on or off the adjustment would have to be redone to make it fit perfectly again.

Fit/Finish – Very nice and it works with the lightbar without having to cut or modify it.

Concerns – N/C recommends only soap & water for their Lexan windshields. It would be nice just to spritz it with a cleaner, and wipe it dry.

Installation and fit of National Cycle Chrome Lower Deflectors

Installation Issues – These items are simply chrome plated, heavy metal wings which mount to the windshield. As stated earlier these things mount using the same 2 bolts on each side of the bike, which is somewhat cumbersome since the windshield and the deflectors both need held in place and adjusted as you tighten the bolts. Oh, to tighten the bolts you need one wrench on the outside of the fork, and one on the other side of the clamp, between the forks. Remember the windshield is now in your way!

Fit/Finish – Look purty! However, since they mount with two bolts at their very top (with windshield), they have a tendency to vibrate significantly (and produce a slight vibration hum). I have an Ace, so this may not be an issue for other models, which don’t vibrate as much.

Installation and fit of National Cycle Billet Windshield Trim

Installation Issues – Instruction were adequate. This product makes a big difference in the look of your windshield. It replaces all of the front facing metal trim on the windshield with larger billet moldings which have concealed hardware mounts. The windshield must be removed from the bike, and must be disassembled to install the billet trim. The new trim has a channel cut inside it which special bolts are slid. The now straight windshield must be re-bent to join with the moldings. The problem is that the bolts slide in the channel. The solution was to hold them in place with a little piece of masking tape until the windshield pieces were all back together.

Fit/Finish – Excellent, IMHO this piece makes the biggest difference of any on the front end. Much more attractive than the philips heads on the stock hardware.