'shock's roadkill sole

this is for one sole filet, which is one small serving. scale to suit crowd and/or appetite. you need:
dover sole filet (or other favorite white salt water fish)
garlic cloves
ginger root
soy sauce
chinese fermented black beans (
reg'lar black beans are *not* a substitute)
white wine of your choice
soy sauce
lemon juice (fresh is real nice)
fresh cilantro(if you hate cilantro, mint or parsley work just as well)
chopped green onions
sesame oil (opt)

Set to marinate for an hour to four hours:
1 dover sole filet;
2 Minced Cloves Garlic  
1 tablespoon very minced fresh ginger root 
1 tablespoon minced chinese fermented black beans
1/4 cup white wine  (this leaves a bit to be disposed of as you see fit)
1 tablespoon soy sauce 
strain off the liquid, role the filet with the crunchy bits (garlic, ginger, etc) then: set a pan to boil with enough water to come to bottom of a veggie steamer. fill the steamer with cilantro, put the sole roll(s) in the steamer, cover with tinfoil and steam about 5 minutes or until flakey (the sole, not the cook). sprinkle with fresh chopped green onions & light sprinkle of sesame oil I serve this with basmati rice or white/wild rice combo (unca ben or ricearoni), and steamed chinese long beans.

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