Green Chilie & Pork

by Juanita

2#  Green Chilie (roasted, peeled  and seeded).  (I do my  own, but you can get it frozen these days at the  supermarket, it comes  in hot, medium and mild)
1 1/2#  Pork , cubed
1 16oz  Can Tomatoes cut up
1 1/2#  Pork , cubed
1 16oz  Can Tomatoes cut up
3  Cloves Garlic minced or sliced (I use more)
Salt to taste

Mix  the chilie, tomatoes, garlic and salt together.  Add two cups of water.

I remove all fat from pork, dice it,  then fry it till it is crisp  like chitlings (we call them chicharones)  remove  all  but  2 Tbls of fat, set  chitlings aside.  

Add the pork and cook till brown (now you can put the chitlings back in with  pork unless you are watching your cholestrol!).  Now, pour the chilie mixtture in  with pork and  simmer for  20 min or so.

I serve this with pinto beans that I have cooked with 2 slices of salt pork . (You  can use bacon  if you like  the smoked flavor)

If you come home some night and are weary and tired  and you happen to have a pound of hamburger in  the house, you  can do the  chilie  recipe with hamburger  instead of the pork and add onions and potatoes -- this takes about  1/2 hour and it is filling and  doesn't  dirty  but one pot.

You can call this "Fireball Stew".

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