BBQ Beef

offered up by smthng


        4 or 5 lb Chuck or Bottom Round Roast (whichever you can find with the least fat running through it).
        1 tbspn of Cider Vinegar
        1 tspn salt
        1/2 tspn black pepper
        1 cup sweet pickle relish
        14 oz bottle of ketchup
        15 oz can of tomato sauce
        2 tbspn of Worchestire sauce
        1/4 cup of brown sugar
        1 cup of water


        Note: All heat settings are on a 5 level slow cooker.  This could be
done on a stove, but you'll have to experiment a bit on the heat I would

        Trim as much fat as possible off roast.  This is not critical, it
just makes a later step a bit easier.
        Put roast, water, vinegar, salt and pepper in a slow cooker or a pot
just big enough to hold the roast.
        Cook for 8-10 hours on medium heat, covered.
        Remove roast and put on a very large cutting board.
        Discard cooking liquid.
        Pull apart roast using forks.  Discard as much fat as you can, it
should be very easy to seperate.
        Place pulled pork and all other ingredients back into cooker.
        Mix well.
        Cook for 30 minutes on high heat (covered).
        Reduce heat to medium low. Oils will separate from sauce and meat if allowed to sit. Just stir it all up again before serving.

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